The Chow

What doesn't kill you,
makes you stronger...

... except bears.
Bears will kill you.


Tres Wing Shack

Choose from our three winos staples. all of our wings are twice cooked, krispy fried.
Dozen ¥2000  —  Half ¥1100  —  Tres Wino ¥2800 (18 wings ++ all three flavours)
Crispy buffalo wings in franks hot sauce, blue cheese dip, crunch sticks
Crispy BBQ wings in sweet, sticky BBQ bourbon glaze
Southern crispy lemon wings, thyme and black pepper

Other Starters

Mac n cheese croquettes

w/ jalapeño mayo (v) ¥ 1200


Southern fried popcorn chicken

w/ bigfoot sauce ¥1200


Crispy chicken crackling

w/ special seasoning. perfect for an icy cold brew ¥850


and Sandwiches

All of our beef burgers are 150 gram and use a blend of wagyu grade and local grass fed beef.

All burgers are served medium and rested to retain their delicious flavour and served with seasoned fries and Japanese mayo.

Help yourselves to hot sauce!

Burger A La Mode

60z wagyu pattie, jack cheese, american mustard, ketchup, pickle.
Don’t want the pickle? Flick it ¥1700


British Meat Orgy

60z wagyu pattie, sausage pattie, maple bacon, crispy hash brown, cheese, lettuce, hp sauce. ¥1900


Mac Daddy

60z pattie, topped with pulled beef short rib, creamy mac and cheese, bigfoot bbq sticky sauce¥1900


Clucky Balboa

Our famous krispy fried chicken smothered in Frank’s hot sauce with jack cheese, maple bacon, pickled onion jam, lettuce and cooung japanese mayo. Don’t like it hot? No hot sauce no problem ¥1800

Spanish Bull

Beef pattie, chorizo relish, monterey jack cheese, roast red peppers, lettuce and green pepper sauce. Banging ¥1900


Pepper Don’t Preach

This Gift From The Sun Never Had A Face, Comes From The Mother Earth And Is Pretending To Be Healthy. She’s Vegetarian But Also Very Naughty. Chickpea, Dill And Hokkaido Corn Pattie W/ Smashed Avocado, Sweet Pickles, Red Onions, Cheese, Lettuce, Mayonnaise, Roast Red And Yellow Peppers. (V) ¥1700


BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

Twelve hour Coca-Cola braised rusutsu pork w/ carolina apple slaw, chipotle aioli, smokin’ bbq sauce and pickled jalapeños  ¥1700

Burger Wars

The tubby cousin of the burger A La Mode, this beautiful beast comes with not one but four hot beef patties. add to that five slices of cheese, pickles, lettuce, ketchup and mustard. served with a generous side of fries.
Eat this whopping challenge in under five minutes, in front of our official burger wars meat master and you will win not only tubby global respect, but your picture on our wall of fame / shame and a bigfoot t-shirt.
The challenge ¥4800

Fries Before Guys

Famous Fries

Fancy fries served in a family size pie tin. Good as a share starter or as a super charged side order.

Poutine Cheeseburger Royale

big bowl of crispy fries drowning in our rich beef gravy, burger chunks, hot cheese sauce and hot melting cheese. Pickle on the side ¥1300

Cheesy Truffle Fries

Big bowl of crispy fries, with cheese sauce of cheddar and talegio, white truffle oil (V) ¥1400

Pizza Fries

Big bowl of seasoned fries with spiced napoli sauce, crispy pepperoni and three melting cheeses ¥1300

Poutine on the Ritz

Big bowl of crispy fries, rich beef rib gravy, melting cheese ¥1300

Tubby Sides